Diet Meal Plans

Diet meal plans do not have to involve exotic ingredients, time consuming meal preparation, or following a million rules.  When you look at current trendy diets, some consider foods like grapefruit, corn, or even tomatoes to be a “cheat food.”  If you are confused, you are far from alone.  In a sea of fad diets and outrageous claims, Dr. Hubert’s weight loss program offers common sense advice and proven results*.  Our weight loss plans are realistic, safe, and sane.  Best of all, our products are tailored to your body mass index.  The result is a diet with meal plans that set you up for long term success*.

Are your frustrated because you have tried many different weight loss plans with limited or no results?  Have you, even worse, ended up even heavier than when you began a few months after a diet ends? Do not give up hope.  There is a substantial body of research on weight loss – why some plans fail, and why some methods have a record of lasting success.  The common factor for diet failure is that one plan cannot possibly fit all.  Every person has different genetics, different lifestyle demands, and different preferences.  Trying a diet because it helped a celebrity lose 40 pounds of pregnancy weight and not having much success does not make you a failure.  It just means that you need an approach that will work for you.  We act as your partner to provide a diet with meal plans that will set you up for weight loss success*.  Better yet, we provide you with the tools to maintain your weight loss* over the long term.

Do not go it alone with just an article from a magazine as your guide and end up blaming yourself when you are not successful.  Please view the information on our site find out how Dr. Hubert’s weight loss program can work for you*.  Turn your dreams into goals and your goals into reality.

*Everyone is different, so results may vary and no amount of weight loss is guaranteed.