Diet Plan

With the New Year comes a whole new you, and that often involves a new diet plan.  What will it be this year?  Trendy diet programs involve anything from eating nothing but junk food to eating an all raw diet, and everything in between.  If you are thinking that there has to be a better way, there is!  Our physician-created weight loss plans give you the structure you need to succeed*, with the added benefit of helping make your weight loss steady* and permanent with supplementary articles by a Stanford trained physician.  Eating for weight loss should not be about a extreme and unusual diet, but a whole new way of viewing meals.

Every year, it seems, a new hot diet plan pops up.  This is nothing new – diet programs as we know them have been around for well over a century.  We have seen dozens over the years, and you have probably tried at least one.  Many plans are incredibly restrictive, focusing on eating primarily one food, from bananas to bacon to the infamous cabbage soup.  Others drastically alter macronutrient ratios, virtually eliminating carbohydrates or fats.  Still others make eating an all-consuming lifestyle, from eating only what our caveman ancestors ate, to drinking buttered coffee instead of eating in the morning.  What does every last diet plan have in common with all the others?  Lots of hype and a dim record when it comes to lasting, sustainable results.

This is where a physician-created weight loss diet comes in.  People choose supplemented weight loss using meal replacement for many reasons.  Some have critical medical issues, such as borderline diabetes or a recent heart attack, that make weight loss literally a matter of life and death.  Others just want to lose weight in a safe, sane, and healthful way.  But what our diet plan really has to offer is proven, demonstrated, long term results*.  In longitudinal studies of successful weight loss, this type of weight loss ranks extremely high.  That is because our approach is rigorous and based on decades of research into how individual BMI affects the way you lose weight.  No fad diets here.  Find a new you in the new year, and keep your results going for every year to come*.  Browse our site and find out what we can do for you today. If you have any questions, please call!

*Everyone is different, so results may vary and no amount of weight loss is guaranteed.