Research shows that most diets fail. One common reason is that many diet plans are complex, time consuming, and hard to follow. Do you really want or need to read a four hundred page book about how to eat like a caveman when your goal is to just lose weight? Most of us just want to look better, feel better, and fit into our clothes. The best option is a simple, convenient, and easy to follow weight loss diet.

The Alternative to Complex Diets

Top Diet Doctor offers an alternative to complex diets with our three simple weight loss plans. All you need to do to get started is visit our website and enter your vital statistics (age, height, weight, and gender). We will generate a sample meal plan based upon your body mass index. Top Diet Doctor is a one stop shop for your new weight loss diet. You can purchase all the products you need to lose weight right on our website as well. From complete meals to bars and supplements, we have you covered with great taste, nutrition, and value.

Shakes, Smoothies, & Puddings!

Shakes, smoothies, and puddings are a great way to stick to your plan while still satisfying your sweet tooth. Our dessert-like products are available in the all the flavors you crave – chocolate, mint, mocha, vanilla, and fruit! Our products are great for a treat and quality nutrition on the go.

We know that it can be hard to stick to a plan when you have a busy day; lifestyle demands are a major reason most diets fail. We can help with our shakes and high quality, value priced BPA-free shaker bottles. These are perfect for whipping up a workout recovery or meal replacement drink in no time. Choose a discounted 3-pack to keep you going all day and night. We have you covered for anything your day may bring – a hard workout at the gym, a late meeting, or hours stuck in traffic.

Get started on making your goals a reality today. Visit the Top Diet Doctor website today to get your meal plan. You can lose an average of two pounds a week with our great tasting products, all without time consuming meal preparation and tiring gym workouts.