Doctor Diet

If you are trying to lose weight on your own but having trouble reaching your goals a doctor diet may be the answer for you. At Top Diet Doctor, we have the tools and products to help you succeed, all on one convenient website. Look great, feel better, and potentially help improve medical conditions with a safe and sustainable diet plan.

A Meal Plan for your Weight Loss Journey

Our Stanford trained doctor advisor has developed a tool to help our clients develop their diet with an easy online plan generator. Based on your age, gender, and current weight, our website will generate a meal plan intended to result in an average weight loss of two pounds a week. This plan can, of course, be further customized to meet your lifestyle and goals. From there, just purchase the meals, meals replacements, and snacks needed to make your plan a reality. With great tasting and convenient products like our bars, success is just a click away.

Top Diet Doctor sells a huge selection of low calorie, low fat, high protein meal replacement and supplement bars. Our bars are offered in a wide range of tasty flavors, from citrus to chocolate to sweet and savory nut. Our healthy bars are a great way to tide yourself over between meals, or as a meal on the go. Satisfy your sweet tooth as well, without the texture, taste, or calorie issues of many traditional high protein bars. Many of the popular protein bars on the market are geared towards workout buffs looking to build muscle. They can be very high calorie, and yet not satisfying. Our bars are designed to provide a healthy dose of satisfying protein, but in reasonable portions and with great taste.

Don’t Waste Your Time Scanning Food!

If you have medical or diet restrictions, Top Diet Doctor has you covered. We have grouped all our gluten free, aspartame free, low carb, gelatin free, and kosher products together for easy shopping. Do not waste your time scanning food and supplement labels for hidden ingredients – we have done the sorting for you. With Top Diet Doctor a new diet that is perfect for your goals and lifestyle is just a few easy clicks away.