Fast Weight Loss

Supplements and meal replacement products are a great way to achieve fast weight loss.  Top Diet Doctor offers a wide range of ready to serve calorie controlled diet foods, including full meals, shakes, bars, and desserts.  If you have pre-existing food restrictions, we make it easy to go on a diet.  Whether you are gluten intolerant, vegetarian (cannot eat gelatin), or kosher, we conveniently group the products that are right for you together.  Do not waste your time scanning labels – get started on your new life style diet right away.  Top Diet Doctor has done all the planning and calculations for you.  Just visit our website to generate the plan that is right for you.

High Protein Breakfast Options

Studies have consistently shown that eating breakfast is linked with long term weight loss success, as well as fast weight loss. However, choosing the right breakfast food can be a challenge.  Many options are high in processed carbohydrates and have added sugar.  This often causes a crash long before lunch, leading to unplanned (and often unhealthy) snacking.  But many people do not have time to prepare a meal in the morning.  Top Diet Doctor has the answer, with easy to prepare, portion controlled, high protein breakfast options.  Our cereals offer the great taste you love, but without the sugar high.  Stay satiated until lunch, and keep making the healthy choices that lead to success.

Safe and Sustainable Weight Loss

The Top Diet Doctor program was developed by a Stanford-trained physician for fast but safe and sustainable weight loss.  Do not go it alone when you go on a diet.  Top Diet Doctor is here to help tools and products to help you succeed in your new life style diet.  Give us a call to get started today, or visit our website for our helpful weight loss planning tools.  These include a BMI calculator, plan selection tool, shopping and cooking guides, and even a chance to ask a Stanford-trained doctor your personal questions.  Do not wait one more day to start achieving your goals.  Contact Top Diet Doctor today and get on the road to weight loss success.