Healthy Weight Loss

Healthy weight loss can be a reality with Dr. Hubert’s weight loss program*.  The right plan allows you to follow a healthy weight loss program with a high success rate when compared to other popular plans*.  Our dedicated weight loss coaches are available to answer questions at any time.  We make it possible for you to design a healthy meal plan that is suitable for weight loss and, eventually, long term maintenance of your goal weight*.

What makes a diet plan a healthy weight loss program?  The first factor is developing realistic goals.  Shooting for an unrealistic goal, like a weight that is too low for your height and bone structure, can lead to unnecessary frustration.  Everything we offer is designed to help our clients develop a strategy for weight loss based on their own body mass index.

Another factor that often interferes with success is overly rapid weight loss.  This causes lean tissue, including muscle, to be lost along with fat.  This lowers metabolism to a point where keeping weight lost off can be very difficult.  In fact, muscle loss is a primary cause of the so-called “yo-yo diet” effect.  Often, rapid weight loss on a drastic meal plan ends when the dieter begins eating the way she did before going on the diet.  Rapid weight regain occurs, but due to the loss of lean tissue, the regain levels off at a higher weight than the starting weight.  Not only is this frustrating, it makes losing weight the next time around more difficult.  Healthy weight loss is usually slow weight loss – after an initial loss of a few pounds that is usually mostly water, most weight loss clients do best with a rate of 1 to 2 pounds a week lost*.

A physician-developed weight loss program helps by offering a healthy meal plan with you that allows you to lose fat while minimizing the loss of lean tissue*.  We take your body composition, not just the number of the scale, into account and offer products that work within your lifestyle and for your goals.  Contact us today to find out how our resources can work for you!  Do not fall victim to another yo-yo diet – find out how to lose weight safely, sensibly, and permanently* with a physician-developed weight loss plan.

*Everyone is different, so results may vary and no amount of weight loss is guaranteed.