High Protein Diet

A high protein diet can be ideal for building muscle or preserving existing lean tissue during weight loss.  However, maintaining a steady high protein intake can be challenging.  Most high protein foods require refrigeration and preparation. Some foods, such as nuts, are more portable but also carry a sizeable fat content (great for bodybuilding, not so much for leaning out). Also, your body can only process a certain amount of protein at one time, so you really need to maintain a sizeable protein intake at all meals and, ideally, snacks.  Often, supplements and shakes designed for those on a liquid diet can help.  These products are great when healthy foods are not available or easy to prepare on a schedule.  We understand that you have a busy lifestyle, and grab and go products that do not require refrigeration or prep are essential to keeping you on track.

There is no shortage of protein shakes, bars, and powders available today.  However, most of these products have one thing in common – they were developed for serious weight lifters to build muscle.  If your primary goal is weight loss, these bodybuilding products are not for you — you require shakes and bars specially designed for weight loss.  Other products often carry a high sugar or fat content, or do not provide enough satiety to serve as a meal replacement or even a snack.  Maintaining a high protein diet with a calorie count suitable for weight loss can be very challenging.  Our physician-developed weight loss program can help* – we can offer you products made with weight loss in mind.  These are a great choice when healthy foods are hard to find.  A liquid diet can also often help with weight loss when other approaches have failed.  Using a healthy, high protein shake as a replacement for one or more meals a day is a simple approach that many clients do well with*.  It is fast, easy, and does not require doing any calorie counting or making any decisions.

Whether you go with a whole food or meal replacement approach, a high protein diet can help you achieve permanent weight loss success*.  Contact us today to discuss how physician-developed weight loss plans can help you achieve your goals permanently*.

*Everyone is different, so results may vary and no amount of weight loss is guaranteed.