Liquid Meal Replacement

Have you been looking in grocery stores, supplement stores, or even department stores for a liquid meal replacement that is right for you?  You may be confused by the huge variety of products available, often with ingredients you have never heard of.  Many drinks available currently are tailored to the bodybuilding market, with more calories than a cheeseburger and exotic supplements claiming to enhance athletic performance.  And, too often, the prices are absolutely outrageous.  A physician-developed weight loss plan can be a great way to cut through the information clutter.  Our products will help you create a weight loss meal plan that is right for your personal body mass index*.  Meal replacement bars and drinks can be a great way to keep your diet plan on track, but with the wrong choices they can also totally derail it.  Do not leave your success to chance – trust a weight loss program designed by a Stanford trained physician*. If you’d like additional support on your weight loss journey, please sign up for our newsletter by emailing You’ll receive recipes, behavioral lesson plans, and more!

Liquid meal replacement plans are one of the most traditional of short term diets around – they’ve been around for many years.   Some of our clients decide on a liquid diet for rapid weight loss*, replacing most of their daily meals with our shakes and eating one regular meal each day.  Meal replacement products can be a part of any weight loss meal plan, allowing you to enjoy a family dinner together while maintaining your meal replacements for the remainder of the day.  A shake or meal replacement bars make an easy and portable meal anywhere, anytime, with no heating required.  A liquid meal replacement works well for weight loss clients* who have to travel frequently.  Shakes are portable, convenient, and shelf stable, making them great for business travel and vacations.  You do not have to be off track when you are on the road!  Browse our offerings to create a healthy meal plan that will help you achieve your goals* without disrupting your busy schedule.  We look forward to being your partner in your weight loss journey.

*Everyone is different, so results may vary and no amount of weight loss is guaranteed.