Lose Weight

If you are like most people, holiday indulgences have left you with an urgent need to lose weight to fit into your favorite clothes!  A gain of even a few pounds can lead to your favorite outfits not fitting quite right.  Pants pockets can bulge and blouses can gap with an increase of only an inch or two.  The urge, as always, is to lose weight fast, but too often, strict temporary diets do more harm than good.  Skipping meals or severely reducing calories can lead your body to strip out hard-earned muscle tissue instead of fat, lowering your metabolic rate.  This sets you up for a constant cycle of weight regain and more deprivation diets.  If you want to lose fat permanently*, consider a regimented weight loss plan created by a Stanford trained physician involving meal replacement and supplemental snacks.  The scientific approach sets you up for success from the beginning*.

While everyone wants to look and feel great, often the need to lose weight is triggered by more serious health issues and weight loss has been prescribed by their doctor. A few reasons that an individual’s doctor may recommend that someone lose weight fast include blood sugar that is approaching the diabetic range, serious joint pain, or a required surgery that necessitates a lower weight before it can be performed. There are even some circumstances where weight loss can literally be a lifesaver. Even with strict weight loss plans, a slower rate of weight loss is usually the best choice*. Typically, losing up to two pounds a week* is recommended as a target. This rate of weight loss is best because it preserves lean muscle, which other crash diets and severe plans can harm. Through our physician-created programs, which include a variety of light entrees, snacks, shakes and more, we can help you lose weight and regain your health*. Please speak to your doctor about their recommendations and then come see what we have to offer here online. Please note that our diet experts cannot give you medical advice and it is best to discuss medical issues with your personal physician.

*Everyone is different, so results may vary and no amount of weight loss is guaranteed.