Meal Replacement

Have you tried meal replacement products to eat healthy on a busy schedule?  Meal replacement bars can be a great option if you find the right products suited to your goals*.   From carbohydrate loaded granola bars that barely qualify as a snack to calorie packed protein bars that are more fattening than a burger and fries, all bars are not created equal.  Too many options at the store, outrageous claims, and cluttered and hard to read labels can leave you overwhelmed by the options.  Many bars, such as energy bars, were designed for endurance athletes, not dieters. These may have a health food reputation, but will not help you meet your goals. A physician-developed weight loss program with bars and meal replacements designed for weight loss* can help you make the right choices.  We will help you select meal replacements that fit your weight loss goals* and flavor preferences. No matter how busy your day gets, a healthy meal replacement that will keep you going without slowing your progress will always be an option. 

Many clients of our weight loss program have great success* by using a meal replacement product.  While some people may be able to take the time for shopping and meal preparation every day, many of our clients have a very busy schedule, or have trouble resisting foods off the plan when visiting a grocery store or restaurant.  For these clients, trying to follow a plan with only home-prepared foods can be difficult.  Meal replacement bars and shakes can be helpful to keep these dieters on track, and making the right choice for their personal needs is essential. 

With our physician-developed weight loss plan, we offer the perfect meal replacements to help you meet your goals*. Calorie counts and macronutrient ratios are both important when selecting bars and shakes, and there is no one product that is right for everyone.  And, of course, taste is always important!  No one will want to stick with their plan if it involves bars and shakes that are chalky or artificial tasting. Contact us to see how  weight loss with meal replacement products can work for you*.  Do not wait until tomorrow to start achieving your goals* – call us today!

*Everyone is different, so results may vary and no amount of weight loss is guaranteed.