Terms Of Service

Terms of Service
Information/Products given on this webstore/website does not constitute a physician/clinician/doctor – patient relationship and should not be used as the only source of health/medical information and/or opinion. Anyone with a mental or physical health problem or concern must contact their personal physician/therapist and continue with regular visits while visiting our website. Everyone should consult their physician/doctor/primary care provider prior to starting any diet or exercise program. Failure to do so can lead to health consequences. Dr. Hubert is not your physician/clinician/doctor. Our weight loss programs are suggestions and should not be taken as medical advice. Prior to starting our weight loss program you must talk to your own physician/doctor/primary care provider and get their medical advice. You must continue with regular medical visits with your physician/doctor/primary care provider while on any diet.

Opinions given by any healthcare professional does not constitute medical advice.

You must contact your primary care physician prior to using any product sold within this webstore or utilizing any of the nutritional advice/information provided on this website. Utilizing this website or any product sold within its website/webstore, in no way constitutes a patient physician/doctor relationship. You must continue to see your primary care physician on a regular basis. This is extremely important for those who are pregnant, nursing, of poor health, elderly, physically and/ or mentally disadvantaged, or those who want to lose 20lbs or more and/or 10% of their current body weight. Failure to follow this advice can result in serious health problems.

All users of this webstore/website must be at least 18 years of age. No one less than 18 years of age should use this webstore/website.

A few products for sale on this website contain phenylalanine (NutraSweet). Products should not be used as a sole source of an individual’s daily nutrition.

Individuals utilizing information and or products provided on this website/webstore who experience weight loss of more than two pounds per week should increase daily caloric intake with low fat foods. It is essential that everyone eat at least one balanced meal daily, and maintain a minimum daily intake of at least 1150 calories for a body mass index of 25-29, 1205 calories for a body mass index of 30-39 and 1260 calories for a body mass index of 40 and above, while utilizing any of the products sold on this website/webstore.

All users of the products/programs agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless TopDietDoctor.com, its parent company, employees, officers, affiliates, agents and suppliers from and against all losses, expenses, damages, and costs including attorney’s fees resulting from the use of this website/webstore and/or its products and programs.

We use various shipping services to ship your product. We are not responsible for damages that occur during shipping. If your shipment is lost or damaged, please contact the carrier with your tracking number. Hot temperatures may melt some products if left outdoors. Please ship your products to an address where your package can be brought inside immediately. We are not responsible for packages left unattended or outdoors.

Our Return Policy
At Top Diet Doctor we strive to carry the highest quality products to help you succeed in your weight loss goals.  If you find our products unsatisfactory for any reason we would like to hear from you.   We want to ensure the safety and freshness of our products. Therefore, we are NOT able to accept returns at this time.  If you have further questions, please refer to our return policy or email us at Support@TopDietDoctor.com to help solve your issue.