Weight Loss Diets

At Top Diet Doctor, we provide the tools to help weight loss diets succeed.  You have to do your part by following the plan, but that does not mean you have to do it on your own.  Our Stanford trained physician has done all the counting, calculating, and measuring for you.  All you have to do is follow the plan by eating our delicious and nutrient packed meals and shakes.

A Meal Plan for your Weight Loss

To get started, visit our website and enter your height, weight, age and gender into our online calculator so we can generate a meal plan that is right for you.  Say goodbye to one size fits all weight loss diets. Our plans aim for a healthy and sustainable but satisfying weight loss of around two pounds per week. This is generally agreed to be the upper limit for healthy weight loss for most individuals.  Of course, you can adjust the plan to fit your personal goals and lifestyle.

Artificial sweeteners can be a great way to limit calories, but some people prefer not to consume artificial sweeteners such as aspartame. Many plans like medifast and nutrisystems use artificial sweeteners to keep the calorie count of their meals and supplements down. Top Diet Doctor offers a number of aspartame free items.  We have grouped these together on our website for you convenience, so you do not have to read the ingredient list of every product. Just go to our “aspartame free” product page and choose the items that fit your plan and food preferences.

When the weather is cool out, nothing satisfied like a warm drink or a nice hot bowl of soup.  Top Diet Doctor offers delicious, healthy drink and soup mixes as part of our weight loss diets – just add water and heat for a delicious treat. Choose from chicken noodle soup, cappuccino, hot chocolate, and more! With low sugar and a heaping helping of muscle building protein, this treats are also a smart, healthy choice.  If you have tried medifast or nutrisystems but found they do not fit your lifestyle, give Top Diet Doctor a try.  We have the tools and products to help you achieve healthy and lasting weight loss.