Weight Loss Programs

Are you fed up with weight loss programs that do not work?  With most fad and overly restrictive diets, a strong start quickly fades when the commitments of a busy schedule interfere.  You can lose a few pounds in the first few weeks of any diet, but the loss is usually mostly water weight.  Real, lasting weight loss requires a rigorous yet sensible approach.  Our Dr. Hubert’s weight loss program, which was developed by a Stanford trained physician, may be the answer you have been looking for*.  Our program offers fast weight loss that is safe and, with our ongoing support, permanent*.

Right now, gyms and health food stores are filling up with people swearing that this year will be different, that this year will be the one they reach their long-held goals.  Many weight loss programs capitalize upon this, but they know that most of their new customers will not be successful.  Fast initial weight loss can be incredibly motivating, and you can lose a few pounds in the first week by following almost any plan strictly.  However, once the rate of weight loss slows (or, even worse, you hit the dreaded plateau), most dieters throw in the towel.  This is where our weight loss plan really is different than any other plan.  We offer intense, research-based support to get you through every phase of your weight loss, and beyond*.

Weight loss is a marathon, not a sprint, which few programs acknowledge.  We’ll tell you right here and now that  you will be eating differently for the rest of your life*.  However, your weight maintenance plan will be very different from your weight loss plan.  While the maintenance phase is less restrictive than the loss phase, ironically this is where many people struggle the most.  Finding a happy medium between your weight loss diet and the previous way of eating that resulted in weight gain in the first place can be very challenging.  Our products will help you through finding the perfect balance that will work for the rest of your life.  And if you do get off track, feel free to call our weight loss coach for a little guidance.  Do not let 5 pounds turn into 40, 50, or more again!  We look forward to helping you on your journey*.

*Everyone is different, so results may vary and no amount of weight loss is guaranteed.