Weight Loss

If you have been trying to lose weight on your own with limited success, supplemented weight loss may be for you. The programs offered by Top Diet Doctor were developed by a Stanford trained physician with steady and simple weight loss in mind. With our weight loss plans, you do not have to spend hours in the gym or meal planning. We have done all the work for you – just visit our website to start your plan.

The Top Diet Doctor Program

The Top Diet Doctor program offers all the advantages of a liquid diet, but with more options to keep you satisfied. Liquid diets work by offering complete nutrition in one convenient package. Our planned diets are similar to the medifast diet, which saves you from having to make dozens of choices, resist temptation, and calculate and track your food throughout the day. With Top Diet Doctor, you can put together a weight loss plan with our products while still enjoying all of your favorites. We offer entrees and delicious snacks, as well as meal replacement shakes. Stay on track by having all your daily food intake planned out and set, but with the satisfaction of taste and variety. We also offer food and drinks to suit many dietary restrictions. Whether you are gluten sensitive or kosher, many choices are available and conveniently separated out on our website.

Stick to your Plan!

Eating right and exercising is the foundation of sustainable weight loss, but sometimes you want a little extra push. This is where supplements come in. Top Diet Doctor carries two specialized appetite suppressants to help you stick to your plan when the going gets tough. The Appetite Crusher and Binge Buster will keep you on track and making healthy choices.

Visit the Top Diet Doctor today to get started on your weight loss plan. You can be successful without the restrictions of a complete liquid diet or the time commitment and cost of the medifast diet. Reaching your goals is simpler than you think – let us show you the way! Our website has all the tools and products you need to make the new you a reality. Visit us today to see which of our weight loss plans are right for you.